A Peking cyst resistance package, strong phytopthora emergence and quick early growth helps this line protect its high yield capability.


Handles multiple environments very well and carries a very high yield potential. A large plant with a lot of phytophthora protection.


A big plant that canopies fast and can handle stress while turning in high yields. A great fit for varying soils.


Full-body plant that hits the balance of a workhorse and racehorse. A real easy bean to place on the farm.


A combination bean that provides offense and defense plus a good disease package and quick emergence.


A farm favorite. Big beautiful plant that sets yield records on many soil types. The disease and agronomic packages complete its versatility.


Moderate height but wide canopy. A great stander that still canopies the rows and yields in high and low environments consistently well.


The must plant E3 in the early group IV maturity across all soils. Very easy bean to position; very hard bean to beat.


Checks all the important agronomic boxes for consistent top performance across the Midwest and South. Very versatile.


An excluder for salt that has some Metribuzin tolerance. Its size allows it to handle some pretty tough clay soil.


A rare line that works in all rows and all soils with its combination of size and standability. Solid southern disease package as well.


A yielder that offers Root Knot resistance plus protection on Frogeye, Stem Canker and Cercospora. It covers a lot of bases with that package and its ability to canopy well and stand up.


One of the top yielding group Ill varieties available today in any trait. Put it wherever you want a mid-III and let it impress you.


Gorgeous looking line all summer and into the fall. Yields are consistently high on this big plant that stands.